Monthly Archives: October 2016

Partner Identification and Management

As ISV’s need to efficiently grow and exploit their partner networks, the ability to quickly identify the right partner organization is crucial. Most of the companies surveyed in the Channeliser report completed earlier this year already had an established partner community. Just under 80% of those respondents stated that they had already worked with…
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10 Hottest Trends in Ecosystem Development

ISV’s are telling us that today they must create a deeper bond or level of engagement with their Ecosystem Partners than what was previously required.  Then they must grease the skids and make doing business as easy as possible.  The key strategies are: Breakdown of partners by industry Tracking of revenue, and analysis Explore alternative…
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Peer2Peer Partners is open for business

Peer2Peer Partners assists Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) to increase revenues through strategic planning, ecosystem development ­ and the use of powerful software tools. Come join us at
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