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If You Sell B2B You Must Read This

Forrester has created a very important read regarding B2B Sales Process: The dynamic of B2B sales has changed, and buyers now demand to be served when and how they prefer. B2B Buyers Journey
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5 PRM Portal Pain Points

Do you have a favorite restaurant, coffee shop or pub where you walk in the door, and they know your name or go-to meal? You may not have a designated seat, but when you arrive, you feel like you’re among friends instead of being just another paying customer. When welcoming new partners into your channel…
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Is the Speed at which you acquire Customers in your Partner Program a Problem?

Our clients are telling us that they are increasingly focused on sales productivity (the frequency at which a rep acquires revenue for an organization). This velocity of revenue is a key driver of success and needs to be managed and measured. If this is of interest here is how you can begin: [pdf-embedder url="" title="ebook_Building-Ultimate-Channel-Sales-Marketing-Stack…
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