Welcome to Peer2Peer Partners 

After direct consultation with leading Technology and Dealer based companies, the team at Peer2Peer Partners launched a service to tackle a specific problem that exists for these companies. High growth Channel Business sectors have become table stakes in today's world. 

Business owners tell us that with available resources, they cannot effectively set up, launch and manage all aspects of their Channel Programs. This leads to low growth, missed KPI, and an inability to scale the business. 

The reality is, your channel partners are struggling to keep up with digital marketing, marketing automation and the expertise to Co-Market with you as a vendor. Two-thirds of the customer journey takes place online. Meaning, digital marketing is no longer optional when it comes to engaging with consumers.
Your channel partners want to get started with campaigns that integrate all digital channels but more often than not, they do not know where to begin, let alone ensure success. Whether it is lack of knowledge, resources, or fear of failure, channel partners tend to fall back on traditional marketing, while some may even neglect to use Market Development Funds (MDF) provided to them.  If they come to you for assistance, it’s too costly and time-consuming for you, or your agency, to help every partner drive new business. 

Peer2Peer Partners helps business owners skyrocket their partner revenue in 90 days with a clear plan for the future.  Our solutions have proven to bring a 200% increase in leads generated through channel partners. Owners tend to focus on their direct business first, and often a lack of expertise makes it difficult to invest in the Partner Channel when the time is right.
Leaders who are committed to the growth of their companies so they can scale revenues, exceed their KPIs and enhance their equity positions see the value in superior Partner  Programs.