Peer2Peer Partners

is a professional services organization that helps software companies grow revenues through the addition and improvement of Partner Relationship Management. Strategic Development, Partner Community Forums, and powerful business development tools make this possible.

From our home in Vancouver, BC, Peer2Peer Partners is lead by Tom Newton a software sales and business development veteran with 30 years experience in building sales programs and highly profitable license models.

The best way to get to know the value Peer2Peer Partners brings to software companies is by talking to us.

Drop as email or give us a call to discuss how to build revenues in your organization.

Peer2Peer Partners Customers Say:

“FileHold and Peer2Peer Partners worked together to review and analyze our approach to VAR and Partner development. The P2P approach forced me to review our processes that have evolved without careful planning and validate some assumptions we had made. We will be making improvements to our partnership programs and related marketing activities as a result of this review.”

Larry Oliver