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Do You Have Lots of Partners But Struggle to See Revenue From Them?

We see clients that have established Partner Programs, that have lots of Logos, but can’t monetize these Relationships! Partner Relationship Management (PRM) is about more than LOGOS. LETS LOOK AT THE POWER OF PORTALS… A recent survey done by Channeliser states: Most companies already have an established partner community. 80% stated they already work…
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Peer2Peer Partners is open for business

Peer2Peer Partners assists Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) to increase revenues through strategic planning, ecosystem development ­ and the use of powerful software tools. Come join us at
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8 Hottest Trends in Ecosystem and Partner Program Management

Full Report Now Released: In this report, we researched and compiled the 8 hottest trends when building a successful Ecosystem Program as reported by leaders in the software industry. To be taken seriously, software companies must have an Ecosystem/Partner Program in place. As a result, more and more ISV’s are venturing into this business strategy.…
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