Channel And Partner Program Consulting

Software Companies come to Peer2Peer Partners for practical assistance regarding their Partner Channel.
We help small to medium ISV’s grow their Channel and Partner Programs in 90 Days.

You may not have an indirect program yet but want to start, you may have a Channel and Partner Program but are tired of not getting the revenues you expect.

Peer2Peer Partners assists clients to define a complete Channel Program; from recruitment, onboarding, training, sales enablement, and support.

Our custom framework will include a review and uncover the issues that are blocking your success.

The best place to start is with a no cost ½ hour consulting session.

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Here are 18 questions you should be asking yourself about your Channel Program:

1. The frequency and quality of partner interactions when it comes to planning and collaboration is adequate. YES ____ NO _______
2. Our partner program's co-selling and account-based marketing activities effectively drive new partner pipeline. YES _____
3. We have a defined and effective partner communication and marketing plan.
4. We are able to guide partners through content based on their stage of the partner journey.
5. We provide partners with access to content based on our company's buyer personas and the stages of the buyer's journey.
6. Our partner sales reps can easily send, share and syndicate content to customers and prospects during the sales process.
7. We have the ability to measure utilization of content by partners. Partners have access to playbooks, content, and tools that guide them on the best steps to take next with leads and deals they register.
8. Our ideal partner profiles are defined and known throughout the company.
9. There is internal visibility and alignment to current channel program objectives among cross-functional stakeholders (IT, sales, marketing and operations).
10. Our channel tools and systems can be effectively integrated with other technology platforms in the company (sales, marketing, finance, support).
11. Key partner data points are defined, measurable and aligned to key company KPIs (lead conversion, close rates, revenue, profitability).
12. We understand and have defined the role our partners play in post-sale customer success and support for business they introduce to the company.
13. We can adequately assess the value partners bring to our customers.
14. Partners have visibility to key customer milestones and touchpoints, and have visibility into customer support and success strategies.
15. We are able to distinctly measure the success metrics of partner-originated customers.
16. We have defined and measured partner success metrics (retention, interactions, enablement, training, etc.)