Do You Have Lots of Partners But Struggle to See Revenue From Them?

We see clients that have established Partner Programs, that have lots of Logos, but can’t monetize these Relationships! Partner Relationship Management (PRM) is about more than LOGOS.


A recent survey done by Channeliser states:

Most companies already have an established partner community. 80% stated they already work with Partners, 85% said they are also looking for new Partners.

A Reseller Community is almost twice as likely to use online platforms and resources than the Vendor Community. As one ISV stated “It’s just time -consuming and manual labour” when speak about managing partner communication.

Currently less than half of Reseller Communities Surveyed participate on a vendor portals and just 26% have their own CRM systems to help automate the process.

How do you manage your current Partner Relationships? ” Our Portal does not give easy access to collateral and programs specific to partner requirements”

Yet overall, findings for whether respondents felt that their partners were delivering against revenue targets is mixed with 40% or more of their partners were reaching these goals. To discuss the one thing you can do today to boost revenue from your Partner Program contact us: