Partner Identification and Management

As ISV’s need to efficiently grow and exploit their partner networks, the ability to quickly identify the right partner organization is crucial.

Most of the companies surveyed in the Channeliser report completed earlier this year already had an established partner community. Just under 80% of those respondents stated that they had already worked with partners with less than 10% preferring to operate alone. It was interesting to note that almost 20% of respondents were currently considering introducing partnering as part of their business model.

Then the question becomes how to attract and keep partners?

This is where proven Continuity Strategies are key to success:

TRAFFIC – OPT-IN-CAMPAIGN TYPES (3 is best)-YOUR UNIQUE INTRIGUE OFFER – CLOSE. These are the high level steps with secret sauce as you drill down into execution.

Companies that commit to this program are seeing growth surge beyond what they had ever planned. They had not imagined these programs would drive the revenue they are currently seeing.

What do you think your business would look like if you could target the right partners, have these partners opt in at very high rates and engage with your team?

We are happy to share this success formula with you.

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