P2Podcast – MarTech Partnerships

Hello my name is Tom Newton. I'm with Peer2Peer Partners and this is a summary of our P2Podcast, recorded December 3rd, 2019.
We had a nice chat on partnering in the MARTECH ECOSYSTEM Josh Wagner, who's the head of partnerships over at LeadMD.

Tom Newton: Well, thanks for coming on and spending the time. I really appreciate that. We wanted to get you on the call today and dig into what's happening in the marketing automation ecosystem and particularly in your bailiwick around partnerships.

Josh Wagner: Yeah, absolutely I think the marketing automation space is certainly interesting. I spent the last little over five years selling to and through marketing automation, sales reps for the most part. And I would say that marketing automation was kind of the early impetus for what has become and grown into the MarTech landscape. And we've all seen the super graphic of some 6,500 marketing technologies. Marketing automation sits right in the centre of that as one of the core platforms.

So that, you know, when I think of marketing automation, I think a little bit broader into the entire MarTech landscape. But if we drill into marketing automation specifically, I think it's a bit of a critical juncture for those platform providers. And I think of the big guys; Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot, Oracle's Eloqua platform, Marketing Cloud, those types of things. It's a little bit of an interesting time for them because they're on a pivot point, right. You saw recently a big article by Jon Miller, right? One of the godfathers of marketing automation, co-founders of Marketo. He's saying that the world he created of demand generation and filling the pipeline at the top through content marketing and automating those follow-ups, nurturing and MQL scoring.  The buyer is demanding an experience that's far more personalized and is a lot more demanding on the sellers to understand them, their needs, and where they are in their buying cycle. Meeting them with the right content at the right place and not just through this linear demand funnel. So, lots of iterations of that ABM model, while it had the right idea or maybe has the right idea, I don't think has been fully executed properly.

The big thing for me is constant education. Sales is a education game and partner sales is no different. We have to be continually providing value to our partners in the form of education. Education on...
1. Where we have won together
2. How to leverage us
3. Why we don't slow your deal down
4. Why we don't steal your prospects budget It's constant, it NEVER stops.
We all have recency bias, "what have you done for me lately." Keep that in mind when in partner sales and it will go a long way in gaining traction with your partner network.
Especially early!