Partner Revenue Acceleration

Here is a nugget from our December P2Podcast, our guest Partner Manager discussed Partner Revenue Acceleration . This was quite insightful.

Getting revenue from Partners is an ongoing process, it's an evolution.
Its Block and Tackling, project managing your program to make sure that you are constantly staying in touch with Partners.
You know, constantly maintaining sort of mental shelf space with the Partner. Having the discipline to ensure that none of our Partners go more than 21 days without some type of contact.
The communication is customized to them, and their space.
We've optimized that, any more frequently than 21 Days and we see burnout in terms of open rates and click through rates.
Longer than that, we just see a little bit of a drop in engagement.
So, we found the sweet spot. It's keeping them front of mind being proactive with communication and going together in joint sales motions with some of our High Value Target Accounts.
We have a whole team of people in sales and marketing that provide sales development support throughout various parts of that process to ensure our success.