The Art of Partner Co-Selling Explained

If you are a SaaS Vendor that sells with Consultants, Professional Services firms, this deep insight into how to sell with and through Partners will really help you. It came from our P2Podcast last month and our guest who lives and breaths Co-Selling with Partners:

Partnerships for us have a two-pronged approach:
1.  Acquisition of new customers
2. Business expansion in existing accounts

As an implementation partner you can help provide that third-party point of view for a lot of different customers out there who are trying to make sense of the entire landscape in the ecosystem where they want to purchase SaaS Software.  

Take MarTech landscape, there are 6,500 companies out there, as the Partner we can position ourselves as a company that only work with the best of breed.
We've fully vetted that process, and can say to the customer “we've whittled it down to the top two or three that we think are worth your consideration and we can help advise as to what fits your requirements best.”

On the expansion side, once we have a customer in the door, oftentimes we are doing ongoing strategic advisory or staff augmentation or a number of things and different use cases come up for customers.

So, if we're able to tap into our partner network and solve problems via our partners, that makes our relationship stickier. It creates stickier relationships with our partner because we're referring them business and it's very incestuous that way and it's a really good ecosystem for us when it's working well. Now there's a lot of challenge built into that.

We build the relationship with the Partner through constant education. Sales is an education game and partner sales is no different. We have to be continually providing value to our partners in the form of education.
Education on...
1. Where we have won together
2. How to leverage us
3. Why we don't slow your deal down
4. Why we don't steal your prospects budget It's constant, it NEVER stops.
We all have recency bias, "what have you done for me lately." Keep that in mind when in partner sales and it will go a long way in gaining traction with your partner network.
Especially early!

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